Oh My God! You would not believe the weather we have had for the last two weeks. We have been ankle deep in mud, and all our food has got wet, and we even look like Suri’s, this has not been good. My hair is in a right mess! We spent days watching the rising river, as it washed away much debris and even a car from the road, but of course, we couldn’t help, we are just alpacas, after all 😉

Here is a photo of me in the rain. 

Me and the boys eating lunch

Thankfully for the last two days the sun has been shining once again, so we can get our hair dry and have a mooch about. When it’s raining, we don’t tend to move very far, just stand there looking particularly sad.

It’s raining!

Santa has been a little bugger recently, he keeps trying to fight with the big boys, but he always gets angry if they hurt him and screams in their faces. I try to stay out of the way, but sometimes, I get caught up in the mood, and I try a few sneaky little nips, but don’t really get involved. It’s all too much for me, I leave them to it.