Wake up. Run around in circle three times. Howl loudly. Get let out before eating anything I shouldn’t. Run around in circle three times. Check the perimeter of the courtyard just in case anything has changed overnight, and make sure the frogs are still there. Listen for the big dogs being taken out. Howl. Bark excitedly until they get back. Now it’s our turn. Run around like a lunatic, three more circles, pick up Geri’s lead, more circles, jump at the people. Stand rigidly still and stare at funny shaped animals. Then run off at speed and nearly strangle myself on lead. Walk. Eat olives and acorns off floor. Come back. Stare at strange animals again. They’re still there. Come in and jump in water, jump on people. Eat some poo while waiting for breakfast. Annoy Geri. Bark at alpacas. Dinner time. Run around in big circles and jump on Geri’s head. Eat dinner. Get angry with food because I can’t open my mouth very far. Run into toilet to collect some tissue to eat half way through dinner. Get let out.Check perimeter again, just in case. Check frogs. Have a little sleep. What’s that? Check perimeter again. Check frogs. Bark at alpacas. Go back to sleep, siesta time. Wake up. Pull washing off line. Run around dragging in mud. Eat some poo. Bark at alpacas. Dry hump Geri. Fight Arthur. Run around in circles. Jump on people. Wait for dinner. Dinner time. Run in more circles. Run in apartment. Run out of apartment. Eat dinner. Go out. Check perimeter. Hassle Geri. Go in for the night. Run in bedroom pick up sock. Get sock taken off me. Jump on sofa. Jump off sofa. Go in bathroom and collect tissue to eat. Get tissue taken off me. Jump on sofa. Jump off sofa. Go to kitchen have a drink. Jump on sofa. Someone comes in room. Jump off sofa. Get told off. Jump back on sofa. Dry hump Geri. Jump off sofa. Get told off. Jump back on sofa. Go to sleep. 

Miliko as a pup eating his dinner