Hi, I’m Cassandra, I’m the pretty one. I moved here from England nearly 5 years ago now, with my baby Clara. Clara went to live at another house and I came to live here with my friend Black Dancer. Sadly one day she died, and I was left on my own, so I had to be moved about quite a lot so that I could be with my friends. Now I live here with Bermuda and Lily, who can both be moody old cows, but I love to lie in the sun and chillax.

 I have had two babies here in Spain, Rafa and Galaxy. Rafa has turned into a big strong boy, but they took him away when one day he was too strong for me and got on top of me trying to ‘sex’ me. Galaxy is lovely but he is the black sheep of the family, and doesn’t seem to get on very well with the other boys.

 I’m so pleased it’s the end of the summer now because us girls are fed up of eating the dry straw they feed us, it’s just not what we were used to in England where they gave us lush green grass to eat all day. Thankfully now we can see the grass starting to grow, and can’t wait to get at it. I think something’s going on though, we seem to be getting preened, our toe nails being cut and I think maybe, we could be seeing the boys soon, woo hoo, looking forward to that. I wonder who they will set me up with? 


I’m Cassandra!