Well I was the first dog to live here, and I never really expected there to be others. I had always been loyal and well behaved and I thought that the people respected me for that, but almost as soon as we arrived here at the Olive Mill they started collecting other animals. Loads of other dogs, pain in the arse cats, strange animals with long necks and noisy birds. Even so, all of these I can handle, at a push, but the worst is the last little thing they brought in. ‘Shitface’ we call him, because all he ever does is eat poo. Since he arrived I can’t even go to toilet in peace as he follows me to get at my poo as soon as it hits the ground, so now I have to go while I’m walking. Sometimes he even gets his ‘lipstick’ out and stands over me gyrating, but I’m too old for all that, I just ignore him.

I love the weather here, and it means I can live outside all year and get a good suntan, but in the summer it’s too hot for anyone really, I’m not even that keen on going out for my walks in the summer. I’m getting on a bit now, I’m nearly 100, and my legs are creaking and sometimes it’s difficult to stand in the mornings. Nowadays the people have to help me onto the soft bed at night, otherwise sometimes I fall, and that can be embarrassing. I wouldn’t mind if it was just Carlos, he would understand, but little ‘Shitface’, he’s just annoying.

 Since we moved here, I’ve had one operation and now I’m on daily drugs for my arthritis, but I’m sure the weather helps with that, and as long as the drugs keep working and I’m strong enough to go for my walk and get away from the others or shout at the big ones and tell them off if they need it then I’ll be happy.



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